The Santa Monica Farmers Market Blooms at Handsome Coffee Roasters

Lettuce from The Garden at Handsome Coffee Roasters
Lettuce from The Garden at Handsome Coffee RoastersPhoto: Produce Pop-Up

A new farmers market pop-up called The Produce Project Farmstand is taking root every Wednesday at The Arts District’s Handsome Coffee Roasters. Coming from longtime Santa Monica Farmers Market acolytes Shaheda Sadhal and Sarah Delevan, and currently in its second week of operation, LAist lets on that the aim here is to provide this budding part of Downtown with fresh market veggies and fruits curated from trusted vendors at Santa Monica’s coveted Wednesday morning market, with eventual plans to turn the temp concept into a brick and mortar. Catch their spreads, arranged in wooden boxes, every hump day at Handsome from 5:00 to 8:00 P.M. [LAist]