Presto Pizzeria Closes; BC Students Weep

RIP Photo: Once Upon a Small Boston Kitchen

Tragedy! A spot where we’ve eaten way too many late-night eggplant parms has shuttered. Writes BC student A.J. Black: “If you attended Boston College or lived in the Allston-Brighton era you have at least identified yourself once as a “Prestos” or “Pinos” guy/gal. Or, if you are like me, this has turned into a heated debate with words said that were completely inappropriate. And I’m sure I am not the only one who has felt this way.”

He’s not: Other BC’ers wrote in to lament the loss, although a Pino’s fan did call the news “glorious (and very bittersweet) for us BC pinos lovers.” Another person noted that Domino’s is “cardboard with ketchup.” Of course, Eagle’s Deli lives on. [BC Interruption via BRT]