Post-Ear-Gnawing, Holyfield Is Now Into Specialty Foods

Still hungry.

On the fifteenth anniversary of the infamous rematch between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield that left Tyson disqualified and Holyfield with many bites and a badly gnawed right ear, one of the boxing champs is slim and vegan while the other is hawking barbecue sauce. All of that makes for a pretty great cross-promotional strategy: After last Thursday’s anniversary, Holyfield tweeted that his new sauce "will make u wanna take a bite out of someone’s ear! Ask @MikeTyson - Luv ya bro!" Tyson reciprocated with a heartwarming "@holyfield’s ear would’ve been much better with his new BBQ sauce. check it out ‪#TGIF." Win-win. [Yahoo Sports]