Performance Artist Nate Hill Terrorizes UES With Dollar Menu Cheeseburgers

Photo: Youtube

If Andy Warhol’s ruminative Whopper-eating video left you stultified, perhaps you may find solace in the antics of Nate Hill, who is spending the summer hurling McDonald’s cheeseburgers at pedestrians on the Upper East Side. The performance artist, who says “I don’t have any political message about fast food or McDonald’s or anything,” may be familiar to readers through his earlier gastronomic endeavors such as his Chinatown Garbage Tours and their taxidermic yields. And who could forget Hill’s porpoise suit and hybrid McNuggets schtick? Anyhow, watch the video.

“I used to want to be an art hero,” Hill writes on his website, “Now, I want to be an art villain.” To wit, each cheeseburger the man launches from his bicycle has a bite taken out of it. Understandably, the response has been mixed: “He’s got nothing else going on in his life,” a passerby theorizes for the Guardian, “so he’s trying to market himself as a cheeseburger man.” Sigh. If only someone could convince Kate Moss to pick up a few more shifts at the Nutsy McDonald’s.

Cheeseburger tosser Nate Hill spreads junk food wealth in New York [Guardian UK]
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