Grand Central Oyster Bar’s Shell of a Ceiling Getting a Shine

But no need to worry about plaster in your pan roast. Photo: Hannah Whitaker / New York Magazine

If you're planning to take an out-of-towner to Grand Central Oyster Bar's so-called "whispering walls" where you can speak into one corner and the sound will travel diagonally to another it could be more crowded. The city (which operates all of Grand Central) started a $450,000 project to clean and replace some of the terracotta tiles, which have been painstakingly reproduced by a Boston ceramics company, and at the moment only two corners are open for whispering. Consider this a lead-up to next year, when the restaurant will turn 100 and undergo a bigger update here's hoping they don't Algonquin-ize it. [Crain's]