Food Trucks Win Fight Against Brick-and-Mortars Downtown


Off the Grid, the ever-expanding cabal of food trucks that show up places en masse and sell fun foods, successfully challenged a lawsuit this week that would have shut down one of their popular downtown gatherings. The lawsuit had been brought by nine nearby restaurants against their twice-weekly market at Vallejo and Front. The nine nearby businesses included long-established lunch spots like Grumpy’s and Fog City Diner who all argued the permit the city issued caused unfair competition. But with only two appearances a week lasting from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Off the Grid’s Matt Cohen argued that his permit, “is indeed fully within the law and that Off the Grid: Vallejo & Front brings a much needed diversity of lunchtime offerings to the area.” Several beleaguered nearby workers who were grateful not to have to eat at Grumpy’s five times a week showed up to voice their support for Off the Grid. The City sided with the food trucks, and they will return, possibly as soon as next week — the Vallejo & Front market has been on hiatus since June 1, but will resume its Wednesday and Friday appearances shortly. [Eater]