Morimoto Napa’s Lounge Menu Now Includes Chicken-Fried Duck Tongues and Waffles

Chicken-fried duck tongues and waffles.
Chicken-fried duck tongues and waffles. Photo: Courtesy of Morimoto Napa

Up in downtown Napa’s Riverwalk complex, Morimoto Napa has just introduced a new lounge menu that includes a bunch of small bites, both hot and cold, to be enjoyed with cocktails, wine, or sake. These include Morimoto’s twists on fish and chips, crab rangoon, and sliders (made with conch), as well as some “angry” wings, and a twist on chicken and waffles featuring chicken-fried duck tongues and a soba waffle (pictured). See the complete menu below.

In related news, Chef Morimoto is headed to London to cook in a VIP tent for Chase Visa during the Olympics, and we may have a dispatch from him yet to come.

Morimoto Napa - 610 Main Street, Napa - 707-252-1600

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