Mister Softee Churning Up Violence, Death Threats

The Softees gone hard.
The Softees gone hard. Photo: Uncle Catherine's flickr

The ice-cream-truck turf wars have escalated to a point of tire slashing and death threats, say riled-up vendors. The sticky mess is primarily between the Mister Softee mafia (self-titled as “Softees”) and the once-related Yogo gang. One psycho Softee even pointed a gun at another Softee, alleges a midtown — the ultimate battlefield — driver, who says, “If you see a Mister Softee truck, you know bad things are coming!” Jim Conway, vice-president of Mister Softee, says, “[The allegations don’t] shock me.” Even the sweet, little Van Leeuwens, who serve innocent scoops of green tea, goddamnit, are scared! [NYP]