Mexico’s Indio Beer Targets L.A.’s Hipsters, Tonight at La Cita

Indio Beer
Indio Beer Photo: Gabofr via Flickr

We have some ex-pat Californians in Mexico in our lives just dying for a California-style IPA. while they remain S.O.L., today Javier Cabral relates the tale of Indio, a dark beer coming our way from Mexico. Originally sprung in 1893, Indio is today being sucked down by young, “bohemian” Mexicans after being purchased and promoted by Heineken. Indio will see its grand coming-out in L.A. tonight at a party held in Downtown’s La Cita with Vice, part of a series of live music events planned for the region as Indio spreads across the Southwest, targeting “Hispanic men between the ages of 21 and 26 who are in search of brands that help them express their identities and fuse urban and Latino cultures.” A little less heavy-handed and groan-inducing, Indio also finds it ways into a refreshing michelada at Guelaguetza, which the writer deems “perhaps the best Michelada ever.” [Squid Ink]