Lukshon Offers Complimentary Carrot Cake To All Diners This Weekend

Carrot Cake Gate comes full circle
Carrot Cake Gate comes full circlePhoto: Kathryn_rotondo via Flickr

Controversy struck Sang Yoon’s Culver City restaurant, Lukshon, this week when a diner was denied the right to purchase a slice of carrot cake that she’d received as part of her free dessert just a week prior. The miffed diner then went on an angry Yelp and Chowhound bender, decrying the server’s shitty attitude amid claims she was sadistically denied the dessert in a Bilderbergian conspiracy to mock her and deplete her critical levels of carrot cake.

Yoon responded with a long letter telling the Yelper why she was tripping and then, because we really had nothing better to do, we blew it up into food blog drama. But today Carrot Cake-Gate is finally coming full circle, as now we learn that Sang Yoon plans to serve a free mignardises of ginger carrot cake this Friday and Saturday to all guests dining in the restaurant, in addition to the usual free end-of-the-meal sweets given out (at random) by Lukshon. Maybe, just maybe, that will repair some of the damage done to our fair city this week. And here we thought it would be the evil twin of the Father’s Office burger that everyone should keep an eye on.