What to Eat at Link N Hops, Grand-Opening in Atwater Village on August 2

Link n Hops
Link n Hops

Sorry kids, we’re not moving on to another trend until you finish your beer and down that wiener. Yep, the citywide boom of sausages and gastropubs continues unabated, as a new Atwater Village restaurant named Link ‘n Hops, currently soft-serving, is planning its grand-opening on August 2nd. Featuring 24 beers on tap and a huge menu of gourmet sausages, the business comes from Andy Hasroun, the franchisee of Atwater’s first Starbucks and owner of 55 Degree Wine.

Link N Hops includes vegan dogs and vintage sodas, along with sausages like salmon chipotle, duck, bacon, and jalapeno, wild boar marsala, smoked ostrich and pistachio, and smoked crocodile andouille (the restaurant assures us it’s real croc and not gator). There are even pheasant and cognac and rabbit and wine sausages for the true brat baller.

Said links are served on Mexican bolillo rolls, with organic sauces including habanero, cilantro, and wasabi aiolis, curry ketchup, and an international roster of brews with Allagash Curieux, La Chouffe, and Blanche De Bruxelles Witbier.

Links ‘n Hops grand-opens Thursday, August 2, at noon, where there will be live music and samples on offer for anyone who wants to compare these exotic links to the rest. Check out the full menu on its website.

Link N Hops, 3111 Glendale Blvd. Atwater Village. 323-426-9049.