Larchmont Grill Now In The Thick of Burger Week

Larchmont Photo: Larchmont Grill

It’s “Burger Week” at Melrose’s Larchmont Grill. Who knew? Through this Sunday, the restaurant is offering a menu of loco-ass Wagyu burgers, including creations like the “Ultimate Mushroom” with sauteed shiitake, cremini, and oyster ‘shrooms and an “Ooh La La” burger with country ham, walnuts, Dijon, and gruyere. Also of note is a “Chile Relleno” burger with creme fraiche, a “Carnitas Jalapeño Patty Melt,” and a “Tomato Three Ways” burger that sets the stage for the restaurant’s next planned week of specials on a week-long “Tomato Fest” menu, starting August 20. Check out the full “Burger Week” menu online at Larchmont Grill.