Kibbeh Time: Tanoreen Scores a Cookbook Deal

Set the table!

Fans of Tanoreen's Middle Eastern food — admirable eggplant, sumac-tinted sujuk, beet pickles, pillowy hummus, lamb kibbeh, and tabbouleh laden with mint and parsley so green and evenly chopped it seemingly emerged from a lawnmower retrofitted with razor sharp ginsu knives — will be happy to know chef/owner Rawia Bishara is writing a cookbook. Publisher's Marketplace (subscription required) reports that Bishara's From Nazareth to New York: A Journey of Galilean Cuisine will be co-written by her daughter Jumana and the book, described as a "from-the-heart account of a life in two worlds and a manual on food that excites the taste buds and creates an atmosphere of hospitality for which Middle Eastern cooks are known," will be published in Spring of 2014. Count us in. [PM]