Jen Carroll Gets the Go-Ahead For Her Proposed West Village Restaurant

Jen Carroll
Jen Carroll Photo: Collin Keefe

So it’s looking more and more like those rumors of Jen Carroll hightailing out of her hometown to open her small plates seafood restaurant in New York’s West Village are true. Eater Philly reports that the Top Chef star made the case for her dream restaurant before the Community Board there last night, and narrowly gained its approval. She initially wanted to keep the restaurant open late to accommodate industry workers for post shift drinks and bites, but ultimately caved to the board’s request to close up shop at midnight during the week, and 1 a.m. on the weekends. Sure her inevitable departure comes as a blow to the city where her career began, but we can live with it. After all we still have Kevin Sbraga. [Eater Philly]

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