Iowa Governor Survives Constricting Carrot at L.A. Port

The real edible enemy?
The real edible enemy? Photo: John-Morgan via Flickr

It takes a lot to be governor, no question about it. But if you’re really swinging for the big leagues, you may want to try choking and upchucking in public. After all, it worked for this guy and his father. Iowa governor Terry Brandstad did his best to follow the Bush league of eaters yesterday and ended up in the hospital after he choked on a nefarious carrot then vomited during a re-dedication ceremony for the USS Iowa battleship, attended by Antonio Villaraigosa and hundreds of veterans at the Port of Los Angeles. The Republican was taken to the hospital just to make sure he was stable, while a spokesperson claims, “We’re glad he’s okay. He’s in great spirits…He’s probably a little more embarrassed than anything.” Of course, the G.O.P. has only been concerned with broccoli up to this point, hardly aware of all the carrots lurking in dark alleys.

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