Oh, Heavens: Hyde Park Square Will Get a Restaurant at a Church

Heavenly!Photo: iStockphoto

Miracles do happen! A restaurant just might open in the neighborhood. It’ll be on the campus of the Blessed Sacrament church on Centre Street, and it will be called Sanctuary. Right now, plans remain in purgatory, though it should open by fall. The owners hope it will be a “safe haven” for people seeking American bistro-style food.

The JP Gazette reports that the menu will include “In the Beginning” (appetizers), “Selections” (entrees), “Creations” (specials) and “Temptations” (desserts); surely, such indulgences will be followed by sloth and potentially covetous behavior.

Owner Adam Rutstein admits that nearby JP “can be trendy,” but he likes the ‘hood just the same. We’re praying for his success!

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