Which Hot-Dog Debauchery Will YOU Be Watching Tomorrow?

Kobayashi rebels in Bushwick.
Kobayashi rebels in Bushwick. Photo: Getty Images

While Bloomberg presides over Nathan’s ceremonial weigh-in today, Bushwick gears up for their highly anticipated, off-the-grid hot-dog binge, the Crif Dog Classic, where champion Takeru Kobayashi will say Eat Me to Major League Eating (and Nathan’s!) by gorging outside of Roberta’s instead of Coney Island. The event is totally sold out, but don’t worry, loyal devotees of UFC with buns, there will be live-streaming. Meanwhile …

The 97-year-old Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating in Coney Island is obviously happening tomorrow as well, with Joey Chestnut and Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas defending their titles. Chestnut is going for his sixth straight title. Good luck and … gross. [Bleacher Report, AP]