H&H Bagels Is Indeed Returning [Update: Maybe?]


On Monday we noted that the famous New York bagel shop H&H;, which once produced upwards of 80,000 bagels a day but closed for good in January amidst a cloud of legal claims and financial issues, appeared to be reopening at 125 Fulton Street in the financial district. City Room today reports that Long Island entrepreneur Randy Narod, who owns a bagel chain of his own, bought the franchise’s trademarks and recipes from original owner Helmer Toro, who will also possibly be a consultant at the rebooted H&H; flagship when it opens this fall. But, alas, nothing is ever clear in the world of H&H.; In fact, Toro told the Wall Street Journal, “We [Toro and Narod] were talking about doing a deal together but he goes behind my back and sets up a company … I’ve been getting calls congratulating me. That’s not me!”* And now City Room updates its own story to clarify that Toro and Narod are “still in negotiations.” Nevertheless, we’d bank on a resurrected H&H; appearing in some form, one of these days. [City Room/NYT, Earlier]

*This posted has been updated to reflect Narod’s comments.