Gramercy Tavern Gets All ‘You Never Write, You Never Call’ on Ex-Employees

Mike Anthony's looking for you.
Mike Anthony's looking for you. Photo: Melissa Hom

Hey, all you ex–Gramercy Tavern employees: Would it kill you to check in every once in a while? (That includes you,too, Tom.) There’s a whole heirloom seed’s repository worth of activity going on back home at the trailblazing restaurant, including that cookbook coming out next year. As such, the restaurant’s management wants to hear from alums, because it’s finally time to put together a family tree comprised of the many talented people who’ve worked there throughout the years. So don’t be a stranger, all you former food runners and chefs de partie. You can take the kid of out the Tavern, but you can’t take the Tavern out of the, well, you know. [GramercyTavern/Twitter]