Gorilla Coffee Case Is Now a Defamation Case Study

You can stand under my Gorilla.
You can stand under my Gorilla. Photo: Robert K. Chin

The supreme court of Kings County decided last year that statements made by former Gorilla Coffee employees to Oliver Strand of the New York Times were not defamatory, as they were claimed to be by the coffee merchant. The Great Park Slope Barista Exodus of 2010, you may remember, allegedly stemmed from a “malicious, hostile, and demeaning work environment“; the Supreme Court, however, ruled the ex-employees sentiments quoted in City Room blog posts were “too subjective and vague” to actually be defamatory. In any event, the whole thing is now a case study! Pour some cold brew and follow the paper trail through the intricacies of Chapadeau v. Utica Observer-Dispatch! Revisit Curtis Publishing Co. v. Butts! Someone call the Best American Nonrequired Reading inclusion committee! Wait — this is decaf, right? [Mike White/Twitter, via Oliver Strand/Twitter, Earlier]