Girl Scout Cookie Season May Be Over, But World Domination Looms

Scout's honor. Photo: Hugh Merwin

The 2011 Girl Scout Cookie season was a bummer, what with only six flavors, theft, and the measly, late harvest arrival of Samoa-tinged lip balm but seriously, what a banner year for Tagalongs 2012 has been! A new flavor called Savannah Smiles debuted, along with credit-card sales and a cookie finder app. Sales for this year's bumper crop of Trefoils ended on March 25, but something strange has happened in the Girl Scout cookie off-season: Girl Scout cookies are everywhere we look.

In the past few months, Samoas have taken a dip in the Texas State Fair deep fryer, Carvel launched a co-branded sundae, and we've witnessed the arrival of cookie cupcakes. There's even a Thin Mint candy bar made by Nestlé, complete with its own TV commercial and a bizarre endorsement on Leno.

Looking forward, a price increase for next year's supply was just announced, and otherwise, we're down to crumbs, which is probably why Carvel has just launched Thin Mints and Tagalongs-themed Carvelanches. A worker at a shop on Coney Island Avenue said the store will serve the Carvelanches basically frozen ice cream shakes made with cookie pieces "until the supply at the factory runs out." In the meantime, if anyone has a whole box of cookies left, you should probably share it maybe.