Fuji Foods Launching ‘Rice & Roll’ Onigiri Truck

"Rice & Roll"
"Rice & Roll" Photo: Fuji Foods

Onigiri, those nori-entwined veggie, meat, and fish-filled Japanese rice clods also known as omusubi, make ideal hand-held snacks for dashing diners. We grab the base triangular models from the prepared foods section of Mitsuwa just for sustenance in a panicked rush and linger over more graceful compositions with pickled wasabi and pork curry at Santa Monica’s Sunny Blue. Therein, our needs are mostly met. But later this month, Fuji Foods, a massive Japanese distributor of sushi products, is launching its own “Rice & Roll” truck in L.A., dedicated to serving onigiri with fillings that include teriyaki chicken, smoked salmon and onion with edamame and mayo, and spicy mayo and tuna, “wrapped and ready-to-go,” a company press release announces.

This will be the company’s first foray into a U.S. endeavor, so judging whether the truck’s corporate origins put “Rice & Roll” in league with other truckers like Sizzler and Koo Koo Roo will have to be verified at a later date. Until then, stay glued to Twitter for an update on the roll-out.