French Snub Their Noses at the Foie Gras Ban; S.F. Restaurant Starts Serving It Legally, on Federal Land

The latest from the foie front.
The latest from the foie front. Photo: Mads Boedker/Flickr

Two more bits of foie-related news for your Monday: First off, Decanter reports today that wine merchants in Gascony, the region in southwest France that’s home to the country’s foie gras industry, are initiating a boycott of California wines in response to the foie gras ban. Sales of the stuff to California apparently amount to three or four percent of foie sales in France, so a few people there will have their incomes hurt if the ban stays. As for the impact to California wine sales, not much California wine is sold over there to begin with, so… [Decanter]

And secondly, today brings a press release from Presidio Social Club announcing that the restaurant, being on federal land in San Francisco’s Presidio, is going to become the first in the state to restart foie gras sales perfectly legally.

They clearly had a lawyer looking into whether they’re exempt, and they believe they are, so starting on Bastille Day they’ll be adding foie as a staple to their regular menu with a foie-gras slider on a house-made brioche bun. Meanwhile, this place in L.A. is just flouting the ban altogether and daring authorities to fine them.

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