Foie Gras Lawsuit Will Go to Trial

Photo: beddoe

The new lawsuit seeking to end the “unconstitutional” California foie gras ban claims that outlawing production and sale of fatty duck liver “interferes with federal commerce laws.” A restaurant group and the upstate New York producer Hudson Valley Foie Gras say the new law’s wording “does not provide any intelligible measure — such as weight, volume, or caloric value” for example, that “may determine at what point a duck has been fed ‘more food’ than the statute allows.” In other words, a duck can’t tell you he’s eaten too much corn with that tube down its throat, and so now a lawsuit about this is headed for trial. George Lucas may have retired to his garage to make art films, but we clearly need a movie, with Howard the Duck for the defense, white feathers on the stand, and hopefully, Tom Hanks as the stoic judge. [Raw Story, Earlier]