Flushing Is Ready for Its Close-up

Sit down! Have a drink!
Sit down! Have a drink! Photo: Roxanne Behr / New York Magazine

Many people who love food will readily tell their best story about finding something delicious to eat in Flushing. The north-central slice of Queens near LaGuardia Airport has long been considered to be the best place to enjoy Asian food, but also your best shot at finding any authentic regional specialty or special ingredient that won’t be found anywhere else. The last few months have seen the opening of a Xi’an Famous Foods spin-off and a new stall serving food from China’s Yunnan province; probably three or four more interesting grilled-meat carts have opened in the time it took to read this sentence. Now, the Flushing Business Improvement District seeks to capitalize on the diversity and promote the neighborhood as a kind of food destination. All aboard the 7 train! [NYDN, Earlier]