First Look at Murray’s Cheese Bar, Opening This Week in the Village

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Photo: Michelle Feffer/New York Magazine

Since Rob Kaufelt bought Murrays Cheese Shop in 1991, he has relocated the South Village landmark twice, expanded next door, built subterranean caves, and leased a distribution center in Queens. Murrays Cheese Bar, three doors down from the mothership, is the next logical step: a 56-seat, subway-tiled restaurant serving fromage in all its sharp and stinky forms, under the direction of chef fromager Tia Keenan, whose work at Casellula helped pioneer the cheese-bar format. Shes divided her Murrays menu into categories like Fry (Buffalo Cheese Curds), Pasta (Village Kugel), and Between Bread (Spicy Salami Monsieur), and has even concocted a rarebit Cheddar burger, sauced tableside. Consider also the pairing possibilities: wine, beer, cider, artisanal sodas, and kombucha on tap. And this is just the beginning of the Kaufelt-Keenan collaboration. "We want to do a grilled-cheese thing," says Kaufelt. "I think we might do that next year."

264 Bleecker St., nr. Morton St.; 646-476-8882