Rats! Fenway Sausage Slinger Busted in Sanitation Case


When it comes to Fenway sausage vendors, we usually chew, swallow, and hope for the best. But this is disturbing just the same: Apparently sausage slinger Michael D. Fleischman, who owns Flash 8 Catering, is under investigation for pre-grilling his wares in an “unsanitary garage.” Flavorful!

According to a report, there was “evidence of rodent activity on the floor” and “grease and dirt buildup on food contact surfaces including utensils and the grill.” Nothing a few sweet onions and peppers won’t mask, right? On second thought, maybe we’ll just eat at Sweet Cheeks.

Officials: Fenway Vendor Was Illegally Grilling Sausages in Brookline Garage [UH]

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