Fenway Restaurants Don’t Want You to Fear Game-Day Dining


Basho, Citizen Public House, Happy’s Bar + Kitchen, and Sweet Cheeks have partnered to form Second Inning Stretch, a promotion to lure you to the Fenway gridlock neighborhood on game nights. You’ll be able to park for free, and you might be able to get free food.

Show up at one of the restaurants between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. during one of the remaining home games and park free at the parking lot at 1325 Boylston Street (with the purchase of an entrée, naturally).

Each time you go out on the town, you’ll get a “1 Run” stamp on a scorecard. After five nights out, you can redeem it for a free dinner for two at one of the restaurants. Fenway franks not included. [Second Inning Stretch]