Fatty Crab UWS Seeking a New Location in the Hood

On the hunt for new UWS digs.
On the hunt for new UWS digs. Photo: Yelena Schuster

Following this morning’s news that RedFarm would open its second location in the space currently occupied by Fatty Crab Upper West Side, it’s time for the Fatty Crew to weigh in what the heck is going on. The answer comes courtesy a statement from Crew reps, who want you to know Fatty Crab is only moving because its sublease expired — the restaurant is around until fall (which gives some clue on RedFarm II’s timing), and is “currently seeking a new home on the Upper West Side.” In other good news: Fatty ‘Cue in Williamsburg, which shuttered over the winter citing mysterious “structural issues,” is slated to reopen in fall as well.

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