Farm:Table’s Very Designed Parklet Nears Completion

Volunteers worked on it this weekend.
Volunteers worked on it this weekend. Photo: Michael Macor/Chron

You’ll recall back in March that popular TenderNob café farm:table (754 Post Street) launched a Kickstarter campaign to build a very architectural parklet at its curb. The designers at the time said would provide both “a landscape” on the street as well as an “immersive experience” for sitters in its wooden pockets. Now this very ambitious project is nearing completion, with eight volunteers having come out this past weekend to start loading dirt into its planters, as architecture critic John King reports in a cover story in the Chron today. The grass and greenery isn’t in yet, and painting has yet to start, but they have definitely taken this parklet thing up a notch. Design-nerd magazines will be photographing it for months to come. [Chron, Earlier]