Take a Peek Inside Farina Pizza

But will the pizza be good?
But will the pizza be good? Photo: Urban Life Signs

It’s coming! It appears to be just a matter of weeks before Farina Pizza and Cucina Italiana (Valencia and 18th) finally opens after, oh, a year or so of various delays. Urban Life Signs saw the construction barricades come down and immediately snapped some pictures today, and we can see that the place is just as tiled on the inside as it is on the outside, but with both white and green tile, and there’s some sort of collage of Warhol-esque portraits on part of the ceiling. Also, there’s just a small, four-seat bar, and what looks like a few communal tables already installed. They were scheduled for a late-June opening, but that’s looking more like August or September at this point. Will it be better than Pizzeria Delfina a block away? That is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned for more pizza, ladies and gentlemen. [Urban Life Signs, Earlier]