Erbe Matte Hits Its Inevitable End

Louis Kim
Louis Kim Photo: Erbe Matte

In retrospect, a restaurant offering both Korean and Italian food should have probably been a warning sign, like taquerias that trumpet burgers on their awnings or fried chicken joints that hold a secondary degree in lo mein. But we’re game for almost anything and maybe the 90210 address managed to evade our jade. Still, from the first bite, it was pretty clear Erbe Matte was muddled, nailing neither Korean not Italian, something the restaurant must have realized later on, when it shifted its focus to a more straight-forward Italian approach.

Today, Eater reports the inevitable: Louis Kim’s Erbe Matte appears to be shuttered after nine months, with no more OpenTable and not a soul picking up the phone in a location increasingly being seen as “cursed,” whether that’s by supernatural elements or simply concepts backed by little substance. [Eater]