Death & Company’s Owner Is Writing a Cocktail Book

Your key to the speakeasy of your dreams.
Your key to the speakeasy of your dreams. Photo: Ben Ritter

Publishers Marketplace (subscription required) reports that Death & Co. owner David Kaplan has sold a guide to classic cocktails he’s currently writing with Tasting Table founder Nick Fauchald. Ten Speed Press will publish the book, which covers “the cocktail renaissance of the early 21st century,” and several jiggers of “cocktail philosophy, culture, style, and technique, with hand-drawn illustrations and over 500 recipes,” and, of course, “contributions from the top bartenders.” After Jim Meehan’s lovely PDT book, released last year, and the understated Employees Only from 2010, it definitely seems like “Speakeasy” should be its own category on bookstore shelves. [Publishers Marketplace, Earlier]