David Burke Feeds the VIPs

Not slowing down.
Not slowing down. Photo: Tim Correira

Residents of the Sheffield, high-end condos at 322 West 57th Street, can now reap the benefits of the building’s partnership with celebrity chef David Burke. Tenants will get a “personalized VIP card” that lands them invitations to special events, classes, stat reservations, and extra courses at Burke’s restaurants; it also perhaps even lets them cut the line for the bathroom. Burke, who endorses the fizzy drink Twelve and Wüsthof knives, and was recently seen devising an food-truck armada to flank the Barclays Center, is seemingly indefatigable. “This deal marks the first partnership,” the Real Deal reports, “held between David Burke and a residential building.” Knowing Burke, however, it probably won’t be the chef’s last partnership with a residential building. [Real Deal, Earlier]