Is Dante DeMagistris Taking Over the Casablanca?

The affable chef.

We’d heard chatter that DeMagistris, who owns Cambridge’s dante and Belmont’s Il Casale, has his eye on the Harvard Square landmark. (The restaurant will shutter in August as its owners focus on a new project in Fresh Pond, as reported by the Globe.) We reached out to a DeMagistris rep, who tell us that "nothing is confirmed at this time." So we’ll see. It could be a perfect fit for the chef, who just can’t seem to do wrong in other neighborhoods. And Harvard Square could always use a good Italian restaurant, not to mention his signature fried dough in chocolate sauce, which could cause the entire Harvard incoming class to gain their requisite freshman 15 by winter break. Right now, this might be a mere rumor, but if we hear otherwise, we’ll surely let you know. Fingers crossed. [Earlier]