Watch Daniel Nelson and Steve Livigni Make Fish-Inspired Cocktails

We usually just assume bartenders have crabs
We usually just assume bartenders have crabs Photo: Hungry on YouTube

Usually when we speak of the titans of L.A. nightlife, it’s with a sneer or a smile. But Daniel Nelson, that Habsburg of haberdashery who runs Writer’s Room, and Steve Livigni, the cocktail crackerjack behind La Descarga, Harvard & Stone, Pour Vous, and Black Market, are two guys we can always rally behind, given their astute senses of style and ways with a jigger. Last month, YouTube’s new food channel, Hungry, began offering a new show called Drink Inc.that stars the two cocktail gurus, following the bartenders as they spread their wings across L.A. and suss out the best places to eat. In the intro, Nelson explains that their inspiration for the drinks they make really starts with the food they eat.

Just released yesterday, you can get a sense of the duo’s swagger in their latest video, which follows Livigni and Nelson as they head to San Pedro’s Fish Market, a destination that gets crammed by the thousands come weekends.

The guys explore the market, rap with some fishermen, cram their gobs full of seafood, then concoct two cocktails inspired by their trip. Can the guys turn their enthusiasm for fish into something you’d actually want to drink? Take a look Livigni’s “San Pedro Punch” and Nelson’s “Bloody Mariner” in the latest episode of Drink Inc.and judge for yourselves. A new episode is promised every Thursday.