Cumberland Farms to Thieves: Go Ahead, Hassle Our Hoff Ads

Hunky, especially over ice.
Hunky, especially over ice.

It was bound to happen eventually: Cumberland Farms stores across New England and Florida have suffered a rash of burglaries involving large, flirty cutouts of a torso-baring David Hasselhoff. The 60-year-old Baywatch punch line star is part of Cumberland’s iced-coffee ad campaign, in which the life-size stud flashes an alluring grin and asks, “Thirsty?” Apparently, people are.

The chain says that more than 500 cutouts have been burgled, but they’re circumspect about the whole thing: “This particular campaign is probably a higher rate of theft than anything we’ve ever seen,” says a rep, “but we’re flattered by the attention.” They add that hopefully the Hoff is being taken care of, wherever he may be.

In fact, the company’s cool with it: “It’s extra exposure for us,” a rep tells BostInno.

So whether Hoff’s being used as a lawn ornament or something more nefarious, it could definitely be so much worse. After all, last time we saw him, he was drunkenly writhing on the floor eating a cheeseburger.

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