Crackdown on Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant Workers Begins

Doing it right.
Doing it right. Photo: Lily Idov

City law requires delivery cyclists “to wear a helmet and a vest or shirt identifying their restaurant, along with lights, reflectors, bells and working brakes.” In an effort to reduce accidents, the NYPD is issuing more fines and its midtown north division has teamed up with a pedestrian safety group to educate delivery workers on the law. The people who normally litter your lobby or doorstep with paper menus are now being issued illustrated stacks of pamphlets printed in English, Spanish, and Chinese. “A lot of these guys, they come from a different country where they have it a different way, so they just don’t know,” says the pedestrian group’s co-founder. “We want to save them money.” Just a reminder: tipping better also helps. [DNAinfo, Related]