Chipotle Spreading to Culver City

Ay! Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Ew, what’s that we smell wafting over to Culver City? It’s Chipotle, burrito-fying a new under-construction development of retail shops at the intersection of Washington and Sepulveda. We can’t confirm that the brand’s rapidly spreading “burritofication” offensive actually has anything to do with that zombie-style attack in Florida, but we would probably opt to eat someone’s unsustainable face before attempting the carnitas here again. Anyway, this one isn’t exactly invading a bastion of superior Mom and Pop Mexican options, but Tito’s is just up the street and Don Chuy’s is situated only about a mile away, just in case you need to persuade your co-workers to sidestep dry burrito hell.

Chipotle, coming to Sepulveda and Washington Blvd.