Once a Week, Cacao Considers Vegetarians

Cacao Photo: Cacao Mexicatessen

Eagle Rock’s Cacao Mexicatessen, they of the duck carnitas and venison machaca, reaches out to welcome the meatless. The restaurant is offering vegetarians a piece every Tuesday, with plans for two meat-free dishes each week in a selection that will change “every so often,” according to the innovative Mexican restaurant. Tonight, the selections commence with Mexico City-style quesadillas with rajas poblanas, roasted corn, and three cheeses, served with black beans and guacamole ($12.95), as well as a burrito with mushrooms and spinach tinga, pinto beans, three cheeses, onion, and cilantro on a bed of onions ($11.95). Any semblance of duck chicharrones, on the other hand, still requires a giant slide back in your healthy lifestyle.