Boloco, Not Michael Schlow, Is D.C.’s Newest Export


News abounds that Michael Schlow might open a Tico in Washington, D.C.: Eater reported on the rumor earlier today, and while a rep tell us that there’s “nothing to confirm” yet (though Schlow does love the city), one thing is certain. Another Boston semi-mex-port, Boloco, is definitely coming to town.

Boloco opens in the D.C. suburb of Bethesda on Friday, and the Post waxes absolutely rhapsodic about the cute, strangely stuffed burritos. “There are eight “globally” flavored burritos (flour, whole wheat or bowl) that might cause a purist to sneer, but you’d be surprised how easily a brown rice/masala sauce/tofu mini can slip down the gullet,” they report. We don’t disagree! Congrats, Boloco. Will Schlow follow suit? Stay tuned.

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