Has Betty’s Wok & Noodle Gone Limp?

Bye Bye, Betty!
Bye Bye, Betty!

Before there was Myers + Chang, there was Betty’s Wok & Noodle. The Jetsons-y Asian diner provided indigestion spicy late-night sustenance to hordes of hungry college students, but now there’s a sign on the door thanking everyone for “years of loyal patronage” and the furniture’s gone. Chowhounders posit that the place has closed indefinitely.

Betty first opened her doors in 1999 and attracted a loyal late-night crew, but recent reviews indicate the place has slipped. One Yelper! decries the food as “uninteresting and bland,” another laments “gross lo-mein” and yet another notes that “my dining hall back in undergrad made better stir-fries.”

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