What, Exactly, Is Adults-Only Ice Cream?

Tastes best with a Swedish massage.
Tastes best with a Swedish massage. Photo: Facebook/Dove Ice Cream

Hot on the heels of Uber launching a delivery ice-cream truck, Dove spokespeople tell Grub Street that their “adults-only” ice cream truck will roll into town on Sunday, part of a national tour. Per a release, The DOVE Ice Cream Truck is a “fully loaded vehicle designed to help adults relive their childhood ice cream memories in a truly decadent, grown-up way.” Sounds naughty!

The truck sells ice cream, naturally, but also provides massages by a licensed massage therapist (not your friendly ice cream man), manicures, and music. You’ll find it parked at the Prudential Center beginning at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. Doesn’t this sound kind of like a classier version of that hangover bus in Las Vegas?

Dove Ice Cream Announces Ten-City Tour [Mars]
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