Watch a Scene of Vegan Pancakes Gone Awry From Your Sister’s Sister


In the new indie film Your Sister’s Sister, Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Mark Duplass play three characters in a twisted love triangle of sorts: Emily’s character Iris is in love with Mark’s character Jack (her best friend, and the brother of her deceased ex-boyfriend Tom). But Jack has just slept with her sister Hannah (played by DeWitt), despite her lesbian status. Got all that? Anyway, the three of them are holed up in a cabin together, and to diffuse the tension, Hannah at one point tries to make vegan, gluten-free pancakes for them. Needless to say, it does not go well.

“I’m totally making fun of my own diet,” director Lynn Shelton tells us. “Mark was even telling me if I put my actual diet in the movie, no one would believe it. I am gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, dairy-free, I don’t eat meat, and I can’t digest beans. I basically eat fish and vegetables. No fruit — allergies. It’s funny and it’s embarrassing.”
Hannah’s recipe, which calls for flaxseed in lieu of eggs, is based on Shelton’s own attempts to create edible pancakes for her dietary restrictions. “It took me a long time to learn to make those pancakes really well,” she says. “If you don’t do it right, things can go terribly awry,” which is a great situation for comedy.
“I thought this was a nice way to introduce some button-pushing possibilities between siblings,” Shelton said. “Iris is trying to be nice and tolerant, even if the pancakes are disastrous and replacing eggs with flaxseed makes them like glue and you can’t open your mouth. She doesn’t want to malign her sister.”

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