Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Closes, Prowls for New Space

Cornbread topped with smoked maple quail at Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Cornbread topped with smoked maple quail at Wolf in Sheep's ClothingPhoto: KevinEats

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, the well-received Abbot Kinney pop-up run by unshackled restaurant chefs, Brian Dunsmoor and Kris Tominaga, had its final night of service last night in the Capri space, leading the two chefs to look for a new home. Dunsmoor and Tominaga promise to resurface once they find four suitable walls to cook between. The duo’s original run, which started last December, was set to go only through last February, but quickly turned into a major dining draw in Venice, leading to four additional months of their straight-forward, Southern-inflected, locavore cooking.

As for Capri, owner Alana Hamliton tells Grub Street she recently secured a lease extension on the space, which may eventually be taken over by David Reiss of The Brig, Alibi Room, A-Frame, and Sunny Spot. Hamilton says she’s planning on bringing a new pop-up restaurant to the space, which she teases could be up on its feet by the weekend if all goes according to plan, with a name yet to be confirmed.