When Will Upper Crust Go Under?


We’re taking bets! Seems every week The Boston Globe has a scandalous story about the place’s unsavory business practices. Last week it was a tawdry tale of the owners spending company money in the tropics; this week it’s a devious plan to wrest back $350,000 that was owed to employees.

The Globe reports that UC executives devised a scheme to recoup the money, which the government ordered to be paid for uncompensated overtime; the slimy plot included such ingenious maneuvers as cashing forged checks and slashing workers’ wages. This is according to an affidavit filed by the UC’s former CFO (a thankless job indeed).

When concocting the plot, much-maligned CEO Jordan Tobins screamed, “The employees are not going to take my money,” so he’s nothing if not concise.

Upper Crust Accused of Scheming on Pay [Globe]
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