Upper Crust Pizza Owner Accused of Spending Company Dough on Fast Living

Raked over the coals.
Raked over the coals.

It’s like a seamy E! True Hollywood Story over at the Upper Crust: In addition to a pesky federal investigation involving financial improprieties and death threats, the Globe now reports that the owners are suing one another. Owner Jordan Tobins (already in trouble with the feds) is being sued by partners Joshua Huggard and Brendan Higgins, essentially for behaving like Jay-Z.

Tobins is accused of “looting” the pizza chain by charging more than $750,000 in personal expenses to the company. Those expenses include a Cessna, a down payment on a home, and vacations to the Cayman Islands. His partners also accuse him of spending more time relaxing on his yacht than trying to fix his floundering business. He’s since been placed on “leave.”

For his part, Tobins says that his partners spent too much time (and company money) frolicking in Florida, Aruba, Atlantic City, and at Foxwoods Casino. We’re not gamblers, but we bet that Upper Crust is about to go up in flames.

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