Twitter Founders Fund Meat’s Meatless Future

Some real <em>Blade Runner</em> kind of stuff on this fork right here.
Some real Blade Runner kind of stuff on this fork right here. Photo: Courtesy Beyond Meat

While that smart guy from The Social Network toggles between kill-your-own-dinner and Super Size Me food politics, the less rich but perhaps ultimately more insightful founders of Twitter have taken an alternate tact by investing in a start-up manufacturer of vegan, synthetic meat. Co.Exist reports that Biz Stone and Evan Williams are backers of Beyond Meat through their venture-capital outfit called the Obvious Corporation, and Stone, who has been vegan for more than ten years, says the plant-based un-meat is so much like the real deal it’s downright uncanny; also, the company is ambitious. “These guys are coming at the meat analogue industry not as a novelty kind of thing or hippy dippy,” he says, “They were saying, ‘We want to get into the multi-billion-dollar meat industry with a plant-based meat.’” [co.Exist/Fast Company, Earlier]