The Offspring Are Holding a Taco Eating Contest Today With Takeru Kobayashi

The Offspring
The OffspringPhoto: MSO PR

Food and rock; you just can’t keep ‘em separated. To celebrate the release of its ninth album, Days Go By, 29-year-old punk band The Offspring is holding a signing event today in their Surf City hometown of Huntington Beach. But that’s just the most normal part of this event, to be sure. From 5:00 to 7:00 P.M., the dudes are holing up in Chronic Tacos to sign the album and are bringing along major-league competitive eating star, Takeru Kobayashi, who will offer some sort of demonstration of how he crams fistfuls of meat products into his gullet.

And speaking of gavage, the fiesta will also involve a taco-eating contest with Kobayashi, as well as a mariachi band, free tacos, and some band swag like t-shirts screen-printed on the spot. Entry is free to the public and again, free tacos! Anyway, kindasorta fly for a bunch of old white guys. Check it out today at Chronic Tacos, 328 11th St. Huntington Beach.