Subway Receives Heart Association Seal, Starts Market-Testing Nachos

Gross. Photo: Foodbeast

Not to be outdone by the evil geniuses innovators at Taco Bell, Subway is apparently getting experimental with Doritos too: Snack sleuths in Nashville report that the company is quietly testing out Subway Nachos, made with Doritos, at a Tennessee location nestled within a Wal-Mart (because it’s always nice to have a supplicant audience).

While this idea sounds vile in its own right — we’re imagining Doritos draped with lunch meat and shredded lettuce — it’s even worse when you consider that the chain just received a “heart-check” seal of approval from the American Heart Association because their menu limits “cholesterol, fat, saturated fat, and sodium.” (And also, it’s worth mentioning, because Subway was willing to pony up the money required to gain the certification.)

But who cares about longevity when you can have Doritos?

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